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Mary Grant Bruce, Barbara Ker Wilson

A Little Bush Maid (Billabong #1) (1993)

A Little Bush Maid (Billabong #1) (1993)

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You could ride all day and never see anyone you didn't want to see.

Billabong, a large cattle and sheep property in the Australian countryside, is home to twelve-year-old Norah Linton, her widowed father, David and her older brother, Jim.

Norah's prim and proper aunts, who live in the city, consider she is in danger of "growing up wild" - riding all over Billabong on her beloved pony, Bobs, helping with the mustering, and joining in all the holiday fun when Jim and his friends come home from boarding school.

A fishing trip they plan results in unexpected drama when they discover a mysterious stranger camped in the bush.

Who is this stranger and why is he there? Subsequent developments test Norah's resourcefulness to the full.

Ages 9+

ISBN: 9780207175091
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