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Peter Clifton, Manny Noakes

The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program

The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program

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This book is your comprehensive guide to the CSIRO's CLIP (Complete Lifestyle Program) eating and exercise plan, which is designed to look after the health of your whole cardiovascular system and help you reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes and other complications of obesity.

Following the winning formula we all know and love from the popular Total Wellbeing Diet books, this book includes:

  • information on heart disease risks and how to avoid them
  • the full CLIP eating plan with both higher-protein and higher-carbohydrate options
  • 12 weeks of full menu plans, including advice for vegetarians
  • a simple but very effective exercise plan, and
  • more than 100 delicious recipes.

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ISBN: 9780143009047
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