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Kate Shayler

A Tuesday Thing

A Tuesday Thing

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The heartwarming sequel to The Long Way Home.

In The Long Way Home, a secure and idyllic childhood is brought to an abrupt end when Kate's mother dies. Aged four, Kate is placed by her father into the Burnside Presbyterian Home for Children in Pennant Hills, Sydney, along with her two siblings. The young Kate quickly learns to live by the rules of the Home and endure loneliness, loss of self and betrayal.

A Tuesday Thing starts with a young adult Kate striving to be accepted as normal among her peers. Lacking the confidence, her dreams and expectations of ever becoming a member of a real family seem to evaporate.

She starts an early childhood course at university but just as her teaching career brings her joy and new challenges, the dark secrets from her past resurface and Kate must face her demons - particularly the father who robbed her of a childhood but at the same time never stopped loving her...

But all is not doom and gloom as the story ends in triumph, leaving the reader in no doubt that Kate will use her newfound strength and knowledge to make wise decisions when the really big questions arise.

ISBN: 9781740512688
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