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John Colapinto

About the Author

About the Author

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Despite a severe case of writer's block, Cal Cunningham dreams of writing an autobiographical novel that will help him escape from his life as a penniless bookstore stockboy in upper Manhattan.

Cal's dream are threatened when he learns that his law student roommate harbours literary ambitions of his own. After two years of living together, Stewart has finished writing a page-turning novel - based on Cal's life.

When a timely, fatal bicycle accident removes Stewart from the scene, Cal appropriates the manuscript as his own and places it in the hands of the legendarily ferocious literary agent Blackie Yeager.

Soon Cal realises his most outlandish fantasies of literary success. That is, until he discovers that someone knows his secret.

For Cal, this means plotting not just his second novel, but also his first murder.

ISBN: 9781841156392
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