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Alexa Thomson

Antarctica On A Plate

Antarctica On A Plate

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Imagine you are a young woman with a stellar career but an increasing dissatisfaction with life. Imagine that your idea of a 'remote location' is the distance between a taxi rank and a shoe shop. How do you shrug off your growing ennui? Simple. You apply for the position of cook in the coldest place on earth- Antarctica.

Antarctica lends itself to tales of adventure and heartbreak. The landscape is polarised - beautiful and deadly in equal measure. But Alexa doesn't scale mountains or trek to the Pole. Instead, armed with an old cookbook, she attempts to create three-course meals with no electricity or running water and struggles to defrost meat in sub-zero temperatures.

Life in a thin nylon tent in the company of scientists, explorers and eccentrics soon begins to take on absurd dimensions. As 120-kilometre-an-hour winds blow and tensions rise, friendships - and love - are forged in this frozen neighbourhood.

What Sarah Turnbull did for Paris in her best-selling travel memoir "Almost French", Alexa Thomson does for Antarctica - but in this case, it's "almost frozen"!

ISBN: 9781740512077
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