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Jane Routley



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Following the epic adventures of the acclaimed Fire Angels, Routley uses her trademark skills of characterisation and imagination to continue the riveting tale of the beautiful young Dion, the world's most powerful mage, in a mystical empire recalling the fabled opulence of czarist Russia.

In search of her missing niece Dally, Dion arrives in luxurious Akieva, the glorious and corrupt capital of decadent Aramaya. Here, at the dazzling court of the handsome young emperor, Dion discovers her niece trapped in the web of necromancy and deceit hiding within the magnificent Winter Palace.

But Dion's archenemy lurks at the centre of the web. Bedazzer, the ruthless demon who has vowed to possess her - no matter the cost. In the ensuing deadly conflict, Dion must confront the dark secrets of her own heart and the mighty evil concealed in those around her.

ISBN: 9780732268848
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