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Van Ikin

Australian Science Fiction

Australian Science Fiction

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An excellent historical anthology of Australian SF with a generous sample of pre-1956 fiction, including selections from utopian and anti-utopian works of 1880s and 1890s.

This is the first historical anthology of Australian science fiction.

It includes excerpts from ''lost civilization'' romances of 1847 and 1898, a feminist story from 1901, and science fiction classics by Erle Cox and M. Barnard Eldershaw, as well as the work of Peter Carey, Damien Broderick, Frank Bryning, A. Bertram Chandler, Lee Harding, David Lake, Dal Stivens, George Turner, Wynne N. Whiteford, Michael Wilding and Jack Wodhams.

In his introduction, leading critic and editor Van lkin traces the development and  significance of science fiction in Australia.

Includes a 32-page introduction, "The History of Australian Science Fiction" and notes by Ikin.

ISBN: 0702219711
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