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Jacqueline Dinan

Between the Dances: World War II Women Tell Their Stories

Between the Dances: World War II Women Tell Their Stories

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The start of World War 2 changed women’s lives and their place in Australian society forever.

Thousands of women ventured where few had gone before – into the services and workplaces previously considered the sole preserve of men.

Revealing poignant and personal conversations, photographs and letters from over 300 remarkable women, Between the Dances is a testament to real life during World War 2.

From Asia to Australia, Malta to the Middle East and New Zealand to the UK, the challenges and adventures faced by these women were unprecedented. Their passion, courage, resilience and commitment during wartime were all a precursor to the astonishing changes brought about by this incredible generation.

Serving their country as nurses, farmhands, munitions workers or members of the defence forces, these fascinating stories expose their struggle with gender stereotypes, the difficult release of social liberties and the dawning of new opportunities for all Australian women.

The last tradition left was the weekly dance, which ceremoniously brought these courageous women and men together for a quickstep, jitterbug or fox trot and a brief respite from the rigours of wartime.

ISBN: 9781925183030
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