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James Ellison

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

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Sarah Jordan lived in a dream world. Her beauty and wit made her a favourite of high society, and an opulent life of travel and privilege was hers for the having

Then, in one shocking moment, her eyes were opened to the truth about her life - and the fact that she had to do something more with it.

Nick Callahan had a mission - save the lives of those who had no hope of salvation. For him, "proper channels" and bureaucracy were obstacles to be run around, over, and if need be, through. All that mattered were the people who suffered - until Sarah Jordan joined him, and changed everything.

Together, they would face the most forsaken lands on the globe and become caught up in conflicts that raged around the world. Armed with compassion, mercy, and indomitable will, they would risk all they had, driven by their increasing passion for each other and their lives' work.

ISBN: 9780743465052
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