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Jo Watson

Big Boned

Big Boned

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Excellent condition

A body-issues novel with fun commercial appeal, written from an #ownvoices perspective. Perfect for fans of Dumplin' and Leah On The Offbeat.

Lori Palmer is the new (plus-size) girl at Bay Water High, where students prize glossy hair, beach bodies and thigh-gaps seemingly above all else. She misses her old school, where her talent for art carried more weight amongst her peers than a chia smoothie recipe ever could.

Crushingly uncomfortable in her own skin, Lori hopes on surviving senior year as best she can, melting into the background whilst she melts in the summer heat. But Lori's plans to go unnoticed are ruined when she spies hot jock Jake at her little brother's school and, for reasons she can't begin to fathom, he wants to spend time with them both.

Surely Lori and Jake - with his abs of steel - can't have ANYTHING in common, can they?

ISBN: 9780241460689
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