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High Jinks Bookshelves jigsaw (1,000 pieces)

High Jinks Bookshelves jigsaw (1,000 pieces)

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Late 19th and early 20th century children’s books are the subjects of this jigsaw from the Bodleian Libraries.

Richly illustrated covers in bright reds, blues and greens adorn the rows of shelves, featuring titles such as Little Miss Sunshine, No Ordinary Girl and A Girl of High Adventure. They are all light-hearted tales with brave female characters that can be found within the Bodleian Library, which is one of the oldest libraries in Europe.

During his retirement, Sir Thomas Bodley decided to return the library to public use and in 1598 refurnished it to house approximately 2,500 books. The doors first opened to scholars in 1602 and in 1610 Bodley agreed with the Stationers’ Company of London that a copy of every book published in England would be held in the library.

Since then many extensions and buildings have been added and together the Bodleian Libraries now house over 12 million printed items.

Completed jigsaw measures 73cm x 51cm.

ISBN: 9781786646354
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