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David Landau

Caged: A Story of Jewish Resistance

Caged: A Story of Jewish Resistance

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David Landau, a Polish Jew, gives us a rare story of Holocaust survival

He was one of the few survivors of those who fought back against the Nazis. It is a story of tragedy, but also of resistance, courage and survival, told with an unrelenting pace.

In the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Landau and other armed resistance fighters surprised their persecutors. For three days in April 1943, the German Army ran from the Jews of Warsaw. Yet the uprising was doomed, and almost all of those who took part were killed or captured and sent to the death camps.

Landau was one of the few to escape.

Not content simply to have survived, Landau again took up arms against the Nazis, fighting in the Polish Underground Army in 1944. Amidst the fighting, the slaughter and the destruction, Landau was supported by the love of his childhood sweetheart and wife, Luba.

Together they came to Australia as refugees.

ISBN: 9780732910631
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