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Roy V. Young

Captains Outrageous: Or for Doom the Bell Tolls

Captains Outrageous: Or for Doom the Bell Tolls

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Welcome to Leiblein, a world of lore and magic, legend and legerdemain, mystery and adventure, home to sinister dragons, troublesome wizards, crafty sages, slithering snowsnakes, buxom barmaids, cantankerous cougarands, a bell that can destroy the entire planet, capricious gods, haggling barbarians...

Um...what was that about a bell again?

Not to worry. The three most dangerous men on Lothar--Captains Yor, Trebor, and Dword--will catch up with that demented wizard Bosamp in plenty of time. After all, it's a long way to get to the Mallet of Doom and still farther to reach the Bell at the Top of the World.

Besides, it's all just a myth...isn't it?

ISBN: 156076855
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