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Fay Weldon

The Cloning of Joanna May / Affliction

The Cloning of Joanna May / Affliction

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Excellent condition

Two bestsellers in one volume!

Cloning of Joanna May

Joanna May thought herself unique, indivisible - until one day, to her hideous shock, she discovered herself to be five: though childless she was a mother; though an only child she was surrounded by sisters young enough to be her daughters – Jane, Julie, Gina and Alice, the clones of Joanna May.

How will they withstand the shock of first meeting? And what of the avenging Carl, Joanna’s former husband and the clones’ creator: will he take revenge for his wife’s infidelity and destroy her sisters one by one


Annette and Spicer make a perfect pair: he well-built, she slight and chic. But on this, the first day of the rest of their blissful lives, Spicer fails to kiss Annette goodbye as he leaves for the office. The years of marriage shift and change; the rock of Annette's marriage may be sand.

Tense, gripping, explosive, this brief, ferocious novel moves at a pace you would hardly belive; cutting a swathe through today's religion - the therapy which cures.

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ISBN: 9780007601004
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