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Amy Norman

Dancing with the Devil

Dancing with the Devil

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DANCING WITH THE DEVIL recreates the terrifying life Amy Norman experienced for four years with her violent, drug-addicted boyfriend.

Amy went off the rails and left school after her beloved ballet teacher told her she was too fat. She fell for Dean and his heady world of drugs and excitement. At 17 she left her middle-class family and moved into a flat with him.

Within three years she had had two children to him and numerous abortions. She had dealt drugs, became hooked on marijuana and been bashed countless times. She left him a few times, returning each time to her parents, brothers and sisters who welcomed her back with open arms. But each time she returned to Dean, out of fear that he would kill her, her children or her parents - as he had threatened.

Finally, after four years of unspeakable torment, she packed up the children and spent three years travelling around Australia - changing her identity time after time to avoid him.

This book will hook you - everyone who has read it hasn't been able to stop until they know Amy survives and escapes.

Her final triumph makes you forget the nastiness and violence and leaves you cheering her on as she launches a new stage of her life.

ISBN: 9781863254687
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