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Christopher Hart

Drawing Cutting Edge Comics

Drawing Cutting Edge Comics

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Comic book artists are now developing cutting-edge, extreme comic book characters that go beyond the traditional heroes and villains

The heroes are grittier. The women are sexier. The pages are designed for maximum impact. Heroes have been turned into highly cool antiheroes, such as the famous characters Spawn and War Blade.

Cutting-edge comics venture beyond the traditional boundaries to extreme anatomy, extreme costuming, extreme special effects, and extreme methods of storytelling.

Drawing Cutting Edge Comics is the first-ever guide that shows readers, step by step, how to draw the radical characters and cutting-edge techniques that are the gold standard for designing extreme comics.

Dozens of fantastic, how-to illustrations demonstrate the basics as well as how to create such intense coloring techniques as knockouts and glows.

Plus, several leading cutting-edge artists describe how they spin original character designs, many created exclusively for this book.

ISBN: 9780823023974
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