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Janette Turner Hospital

Due Preparations for the Plague

Due Preparations for the Plague

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A taut and confronting novel that propels us into the chaos of terror and the cruelty - and unexpected hope - of survival.

Lowell tries not to think about the past, about the hijacking that killed his mother. Samantha, on the other hand, cannot let the past go. As a child, she survived the hijacking of Air France 064, and as an adult, she obsessively digs for answers. Specifically, she wants to find a shadowy figure called Salamander, a man she believes was a key player in the unravelling of the tragedy.

It is the death of Lowell's father, and his legacy of a blue sports bag crammed with documents and videotapes, that finally brings Lowell and Samantha together and reveals the interconnections between victims and perpetrators, saved and damned. But in this murky world of endless aliases and surveillance, who can be trusted? When does the quest for truth become a dangerous obsession? And what difference can the truth make?

ISBN: 9780732277314
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