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Food Cures

Food Cures

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

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Imagine lowering your blood pressure by eating bananas, delaying arthritis by drinking pomegranate juice or calming your allergies by eating more fish.

Food Cures is the definitive, hands-on guide to healing, treating and often preventing 57 common conditions using everyday foods and nutritional supplements. You'll find out which foods to eat more of and which to avoid. 

  • Detailed food and supplement prescriptions for 57 common conditions
  • The 20 top healing foods to include in your everyday diet
  • The top 10 healing herbs and spices to use in cooking
  • Over 75 delicious recipes to help fill out your 'food prescriptions
  • A handy chart with nutritional information for many common foods
  • Hundreds of practical hints and tips

Based on hundreds of studies and backed by nutritional and medical experts, this book is a science-based nutrition guide that allows you to take charge of your own healing and well being.

ISBN: 9781921569050
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