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Jeff Angel

Green is Good

Green is Good

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For over three decades, Jeff Angel has been on the frontline of Australia s most important environmental battles. From the green movement s modern beginnings and major campaigns such as saving the rainforests and the Snowy River, through to combating air pollution, scrutinising the Green Olympics and the issues facing us today, Jeff Angel chronicles the turbulent history of our growing environmental awareness.

A passionate crusader for the protection of Australia s wild places, fighting global warming and making our cities sustainable, Jeff has organised mass peaceful resistance efforts and pioneered alliances between environmental groups and business.

In GREEN IS GOOD he exposes the real face of environmental change: the twin pressures of politics and industry groups; the ongoing tensions between fundamentalism and pragmatism in the environmental movement; and the ineffectiveness of many environmental laws and government agencies. He takes us inside some of the most pivotal events in Australian political history and predicts what will happen next in the fight to save the environment.

Candid, fascinating and thought-provoking, GREEN IS GOOD should be read by anyone who cares about ensuring that Australia becomes a green nation.

ISBN: 9780733323508
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