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Condition: Excellent

Clive Hamilton

Growth Fetish

Growth Fetish

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For decades our political leaders and opinion-makers have touted higher incomes as the way to a better future.

Economic growth means better lives for us all. But after many years of sustained economic growth and increased personal incomes, we must confront an awful fact: we aren't any happier. This is the great contradiction of modern politics.

In this provocative new book, Clive Hamilton argues that far from being the answer to our problems, growth fetishism and the marketing society lie at the heart of our social ills. They have corrupted our social priorities and political structures, and have created a profound sense of alienation among young and old.

Growth Fetish is the first serious attempt at a politics of change for rich countries dominated by the sicknesses of affluence, where the real yearning is not for more money but for authentic identity, and where the future lies in a new relationship with the natural environment.

Condition: Excellent
Published: 2003
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781741140781
Size: x x
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