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Lisa Butterworth

How to Detox Your Home

How to Detox Your Home

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A room-by-room guide for leading a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable life.

Looking for chemical-free ways to clean and maintain your home?

Curious about incorporating non-toxic products into your daily routine?

We spend nearly every day of our lives in our homes - making meals, sleeping, nurturing families, celebrating with friends. Our home is where we should feel comfortable and safe, but many of us are being unnecessarily exposed to unhealthy elements without realising it - from cleaning supplies to the clothes in our wardrobes and the make-up products we use.

This fully illustrated resource is packed full of alternatives to environmentally unfriendly items that might be in your cupboards, unique recipes for creating your own products, checklists for detoxing each room, and will help you make informed decisions about how to sustainably nourish your home and lifestyle.

How to Detox Your Home is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a safe and eco-friendly living space.

ISBN: 9780733643583
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