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Jeremy Cassar, Carla McRae

How to Spot a Hipster

How to Spot a Hipster

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Second Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent Condition

Spotting the modern hipster used to be simple — a guy you wouldn’t expect to have a beard had a beard.

Over recent years the line between hipster and everyday human has blurred beyond recognition, so it’s understandable if you’ve grown confused. Don’t worry — How To Spot A Hipster is here to help.

Think your best friend might be a hipster? Are they drinking from mason jars and picking up vintage vinyl on the weekends? Are you concerned that, in fact, you’re a hipster? Judging by your choice of bicycle and taste in single-origin coffee and craft beer – it might be too late for you…

How To Spot A Hipster serves up the most organic hipster recipe, breaking down the ingredients into easily digestible chunks of well-legit information.

From bike riding togrooming to fashion, and to all extents of the hipster lifestyle, this comprehensive cornucopia of content will ensure you never again use the h-word without complete confidence.

ISBN: 9781925418033
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