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John Barron

Is That a Fact?

Is That a Fact?

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Get the Facts, Not the Spin

Australia takes the highest number of refugees per capita in the world; vegetarians are slimmer than meat-eaters; Clive Palmer is a billionaire...

Every day the ABC Fact Check unit listens to scores of claims being made in the news and asks, 'can that be true?'. Then, after checking several sources, they bring you the correct answer.

In this compact new book the Fact Check team, headed by ABC broadcaster John Barron, pull together the facts on over one hundred burning questions. Whether shark culls really work, whether sugar is bad for you, whether any political party really has created a million new jobs.

They tackle the fact check zombies; the claims which simply will not die and they target the unit's 'superstars', public figures who play fast and loose with the truth.

Fun, informative and completely trustworthy, this is a book for everyone who's ever wondered if the truth is out there...

ISBN: 9780733334030
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