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Ed Wright

Lost Explorers: Adventurers Who Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth

Lost Explorers: Adventurers Who Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth

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'Explorers have to be ready to die lost,' said Russell Hoban - and hopefully they are, because many of them do.

Those who seek to discover the unknown, often risk falling victim to it. Some adventurers are lost, literally, forever; some have found their hidden continent or legendary city of gold, but lost their lives.

The stories in "The Lost Explorers" are tragic, mysterious, thrilling, riproaring; their subjects include heroes, villains and misguided innocents. This book features approximately 80 adventurers who gave their lives in the cause of discovery.

Each chapter discusses the adventurers chronologically, and each entry covers their career up-to and including their final mission.

The chapters include: 'Lost Without a Trace' (e.g. Ludwig Leichhardt, Australia, 1848; Amelia Earhart, Pacific, 1937); 'Lives Lost and Legends Born' (e.g. Francis Drake, Panama 1596; Henry Hudson, Canada, 1611; James Cook, Hawaii, 1779; Ernest Shackleton, South Georgia, 1922); 'Lost...and Found, Too Late' (e.g. John Franklin, the Arctic, 1847; Burke and Wills, Australia, 1861; Robert Falcon Scott, Antarctica, 1912; George Mallory, Mount Everest, 1924).

Maps, portraits, photos and quotations from diaries and letters are featured throughout.

ISBN: 9781741961393
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