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Armistead Maupin

Maybe The Moon

Maybe The Moon

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Maybe the Moon, Armistead Maupin's first novel since ending his bestselling Tales of the City series, is the audaciously original chronicle of Cadence Roth - Hollywood actress, singer, iconoclast and former Guinness Book of Records holder as the world's shortest woman.

All of 31 inches tall, Cady is a true survivor in a town where - as she says - 'you can die of encouragement'. Her early starring role as a lovable elf in an immensely popular American film proved a major disappointment since moviegoers never saw the face behind the stifling rubber suit she was required to wear.

Now, after a decade of hollow promises from the Industry, she is reduced to performing at birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs as she waits for the miracle that will finally make her a star.

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ISBN: 9780552998758
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