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Han Yu-Rang

My Boyfriend is a Vampire Vol. 13-14

My Boyfriend is a Vampire Vol. 13-14

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The Sun family's plot to depose Lord Gaius and his sons has backfired.

And while this could lead to Ryu breaking free of Sharon's enchantment, it is anything but a happy moment for Gene. Saul has gone full-on monster, slaughtering everyone in his path in an attempt to slake his thirst.

Succumbing to Sharon's last-ditch efforts, Ryu and Joseph can only watch helplessly as events unfold, but Gaius is coming to bail his boys out. Medusa, however, has other plans.

She once again takes over Gene's body and confronts Gaius about the sins of the past. THE THRILLING CONCLUSION TO THE SERIES!


ISBN: 9781626920101
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