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John Plowman

Paper Making Techniques Book

Paper Making Techniques Book

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Discover the pleasure of making your own handmade paper!

Make and embellish your own handmade paper, from rough and unadorned to smooth and elaborate and everything in between.

Papermaking Techniques Book shows you how, providing all the step-by-step
guidelines and advice you need, including:

  • Tips for gathering equipment, then choosing and preparing fibers
  • Basic papermaking techniques, such as sheetforming, pressing, and drying
  • A wide range of embellishments to create unique papers of every description

You will learn over 50 exciting step-by-step techniques in all, including embossing, coloring, collage, watermarks, pulp painting, and cast paper. Finished handmade papers from professional papermakers provide you with plenty of inspiration and show the practical application of each technique.

ISBN: 9781845732448
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