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Annie Proulx

Postcards (1993)

Postcards (1993)

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This is the story of Loyal Blood, a man who spends a lifetime on the run from a crime so terrible that it renders him forever incapable of touching a woman.

The odyssey begins on a freezing Vermont hillside in 1944 and propels Blood across the American West for forty years.

Denied love and unable to settle, he lives a hundred different lives: mining gold, growing beans, hunting fossils, trapping, prospecting for uranium and ranching. His only contact with his past is through a series of postcards he sends home - not realising that in his absence disaster has befallen his family, and their deep-rooted connection with the land has been severed with devastating consequences...

Postcards was Annie Proulx's first novel, which received huge acclaim and marked the launch of an outstanding literary career.

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ISBN: 9780020811855
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