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Richard Bach

Rescue Ferrets at Sea

Rescue Ferrets at Sea

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

Imagine what might happen if everyone did their best all the time?

Rescue-Ferrets at Sea is the first book in Richard Bach's new series, 'The Ferret Chronicles'. Each story is classic Bach: deeply satisfying adventures filled with courageous animals pursuing typically human challenges and dreams.

Rescue-Ferrets at Sea is a tale of the brave pursuit of ideals, of the value of working alongside others with a common purpose, and an action portrait of those who believe that the rescue of life is the highest calling.

Any reader, from child to adult, will love Rescue-Ferrets at Sea. It's a delightful fable of animals who try to make their dreams come true for people who believe in their dreams too.

ISBN: 9781865088709
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