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Ian Parmenter

Sheer Bottled Bliss

Sheer Bottled Bliss

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My Margaret River Sea Change

Why would a city boy from England with a serious distrust of the country move to rural Western Australia?

Australia's best-loved TV chef, Ian Parmenter, shares his experiences, starting with culture shock as the London journalist arrives in Perth in 1971, then moving on to the discovery of his beloved weekender by the Margaret River, and gradually transforming it into a winery producing 3000 bottles of chardonnay a year.

Enjoy his adventures and misadventures - which include the Home-made Cheese Disaster, battles with farm machinery, the annual gravel party - and the joys and triumphs of the first grape harvest.

It's a hilarious tale of country life and the 'sea change' that we all dream about, with the added touch of classic recipes and fun variations on such dishes as Roast Lamb and the World's Best Gravy, and Flaming Fruits with Meringue.

ISBN: 9780732276140
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