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Alistair Horne, J. Christopher Herold

The Age of Napoleon

The Age of Napoleon

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Alistair Horne begins his absorbing account by examining Napoleon's rise to prominence against the background of the French Revolution.

He describes Napoleon's brilliance as a general and strategist, culminating in the Battle of Austerlitz, one of the greatest military campaigns of all times. He goes on to discuss the cultural achievements of the Napoleonic era both in France and abroad before charting Napoleon's downfall and his bitter defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

The book ends with a discussion of Napoleon's legacy and the myths that have sprung up around this most controversial of French leaders.

Horne's book is popular history at its very best - a gripping narrative, enriched by fascinating anecdotes, told by one of the world's leading authorities on the subject.

ISBN: 9780753818626
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