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Matthew B. Berg

The Crafter's Son

The Crafter's Son

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Breeden has been developing unusual abilities--which aren't like any type of magic he's ever heard of before

But can he master his powers in time to help thwart the plans of a vengeful god?

Breeden Andehar grew up the son of a boatwright in a village far from the capital city of Arlon. At sixteen, he is given a chance to receive an education at the local monastery alongside three sons of nobility, a cloth merchant's daughter and a clever orphan.

Breeden and his new friends have their education cut short when a bitter rivalry between two brother gods spawns a conflict which threatens the entire Land.

The Crafter's Son is the first book in a new coming of age epic fantasy series. If you liked The Sword of Shannara, The Wheel of Time, The Dragonbone Chair, or the Stormlight Archive, then you'll love Matthew B. Berg's brand new epic fantasy.

ISBN: 9781707088263
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