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Robb Forman Dew

The Evidence Against Her

The Evidence Against Her

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On a bright September day in 1888, in the town of Washburn, Ohio, three children are born within hours of one another - Robert Butler, Lily Scofield, and Lily's first cousin, Warren - and they are nearly inseparable from birth.

When Robert and Lily marry, Lily feels assured that she will always have as her own the two people she has most loved all her life. The charmed circle Lily has long imagined is threatened when Agnes Claytor, a young woman from another prominent Washburn family, falls in love with Warren Scofield - disrupting not only life within the Scofield and Claytor families but in the small town of Washburn itself.

At its heart, THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HER is about romance - the romance of the close ties of childhood, the romance of new love, of ambition, and of family myth.

Although it is the women of these families who bear the brunt of the responsibility for family happiness, the 'her' of the title is as slippery and hard to pin down as the evidence itself.

ISBN: 9780316095570
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