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Condition: Excellent

Dean R. Koontz

The Funhouse

The Funhouse

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The carnival is a world apart, endlessly shifting from town to town, providing thrills and magic for a new set of kids every week. An the biggest, most popular attraction is the Funhouse - the ghoulish creepshow full of ghosts and skeletons and rattling chains and make-believe terror...

Young Amy Harper is the most beautiful girl at her school, desired by all the boys, but to her life seems wretched. Terrorised by her mother and abandoned by her boyfriend, Amy feels that only her young brother, Joey, provides the love and friendship she needs.

As for Joey, he too lives in fear of his mother, a woman whose days are regulated by religious observance and whose nights are ruled by the bottle and drunken confessions of a past too terrible for young Joey to comprehend. So, when the carnival comes to town, it's no wonder he plans to join up and run away.

Both Amy and Joey fall under the carny spell unaware that their mother's secrets are buried here and that vengeance for past deeds lies in wait for them in the harmless make-believe world of...the Funhouse.

Condition: Excellent
Published: 1992
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780747205609
Size: 16.51 x 24.31 x 3.71 cm
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