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Robert A. Isaak

The Globalization Gap (Hardcover)

The Globalization Gap (Hardcover)

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How the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Left Further Behind

Globalization is a fact of life, but how can we keep the poor from being left behind forever.

Globalization is inevitable and inexorable -- but it's also magnifying the chasm between rich and poor. At home and abroad, new extremes of wealth and deprivation are increasingly threatening the stability of the entire global system. The Globalization Gap reveals how globalization is spreading poverty, disease, and the disintegration of traditional cultures.

A few "winners" are using their wealth to buffer themselves against these radical transformations, writes Dr. Robert Isaak. But, in most places, the new wealth generated by globalization is not trickling down. The result? More misery -- and political upheavals that will endanger us all.

It doesn't have to be this way, says Isaak: we can gain the promised benefits of globalization -- without the withering unfairness. Isaak presents a realistic blueprint for sharing opportunity and creating sustainable innovation everywhere, not just amongst the wealthy.

Isaak shows how a new globalization can give the poor a powerful stake, both here and abroad. In so doing, he takes on the most crucial challenge of the 21st century: making globalization work for everyone. Isaak's ideas can lead towards a more stable, peaceful world, in which we can all build our futures -- rich and poor alike.

ISBN: 9780131428966
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