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Graeme Aitken

The Indignities

The Indignities

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Excellent condition

The glittering sequel to Vanity Fierce

In Vanity Fierce, Stephen Spear went to extreme lengths to snare his man. In this comic sequel, Stephen ingeniously bypasses his landmark 30th birthday, only to have the cosy life he took for granted unravel completely.

Abandoned by friends and lovers, he finds distraction in online dating websites and real-life impersonations. But has Stephen met his match in Damon, the wicked witch of the inner west, whose conniving tricks threaten to eclipse Stephen's own antics?

Life for Stephen beyond his twenties just seems fraught with heartaches, deception, and humiliation. 'The Indignities' - a witty, sexy satire on contemporary gay Sydney life.

ISBN: 9780980712063
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