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Valentina Cebeni

The Little Italian Bakery

The Little Italian Bakery

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The scent of freshly baked biscuits, lemon and aniseed reminds Elettra of her mother's kitchen. But her mother, Edda, is in a coma and the family bakery is failing.

Elettra has many unanswered questions about Edda's childhood - the only clue is a family heirloom: a necklace inscribed with the name of an island.

Elettra buys a one-way ticket to that island, just off the coast of Sardinia. Once there, she discovers a community of women, each lost in their own way, and eventually finds a way back to the past and herself. She also falls in love again: with friendship, baking and adventure.

Features real recipes throughout including aniseed bread, rose- and honey-infused wine and spiced biscuits.

ISBN: 9781408707951
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