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William Trevor

The Story of Lucy Gault

The Story of Lucy Gault

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Second Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent Condition

Captain Gault has decided that his family must leave Lahardane. They are, after all, Protestants living in the big house in rural Cork, and the country is in turmoil.

It is 1921. But 8-year-old Lucy can't bear to leave the seashore, the old house, the woods - so she hatches a plan. It is then that the calamity happens - an accident almost, but so vicious in its consequences that it blights the lives of the Gaults for years to come.

Trevor's new novel beautifully evokes rural Ireland and the tensions existing there, but also is Hardy-like in its portrayal of the impact of mere chance on a life.

ISBN: 9780670913428
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