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Condition: Excellent

Inga Simpson



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This is a journey of staying in once place, told through trees.

For ten years, Inga Simpson lived inside a forest.

Each chapter of this nature writing-memoir explores a particular species of tree, layering description, anecdote, and natural history to tell the story of a scrap of forest in the Sunshine Coast hinterland - how the author came to be there and the ways it has shaped her life.

In many ways, it's the story of a treechange, of escaping suburban Brisbane for a cottage on ten acres in search of a quiet life. Of establishing a writers retreat shortly before the Global Financial Crisis, and losing just about everything.
It is also the story of what the author found: the literature of nature.

"I see the world through trees. Every window and doorway frames trunks, limbs, and leaves. My light is their light, filtered green. My air is their exhalation."

Condition: Excellent
Published: 2017
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780733635960
Size: 15.19 x 2.59 x 23.01 cm
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