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Berry Jason, Renner Gera

Vows of Silence

Vows of Silence

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The Roman Catholic Church is in the grip of a crisis, as evidence of the systematic sexual abuse of children here, and in the US and UK - and beyond - grows steadily.

VOWS OF SILENCE is by Jason Berry and Gerald Renner, both highly respected American journalists (and both Catholic). They use the current rash of cases as a departure point for an examination of a culture of secrecy and the male-dominated power structure - from the Vatican down - that has fostered the problem in the first place, and then led to the basic inability of the Church to effectively deal with it.

Australia features in the book - our litany of cases is as bad and extensive as anywhere, and we have the same issues of the liability of religious orders and dioceses having to fund more and more claims for compensation.

ISBN: 9780733616884
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