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Graeme Aplin, John Storey

Waterfront Sydney: 1860-1920

Waterfront Sydney: 1860-1920

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Here is an affectionate pictorial tribute to a great harbour, from the age of sail to the dominance of steam

Through more than 100 photographs, Waterfront Sydney leads us on a fascinating tour of six decades of the past, from a harbour crowded with masts and cluttered with sails to an industrial port under plumes of smoke from tall funnels.

Here, through the camera's eye, is an intimate look at a great city growing up on the shores of one of the world's most fascinating stretches of water.

These photographs, and the captions which accompany them, enable us to appreciate how people lived and worked and played a century ago, how ways of life vanish, and how a city never ceases changing.

Among the sources for the photographs are the collections of the State Library of NSW, the Archives Authority of NSW and the Macleay Museum at Sydney University.

Graeme Aplin is the author of a number of works in historical geography. John Storey, specialises in architectural and fine art photography.

ISBN: 9781863730983
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