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Diane Asitimbay

What's up, America?: A Foreigner's Guide to Understanding Americans

What's up, America?: A Foreigner's Guide to Understanding Americans

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Now in a completely updated and expanded edition, What's Up, America? A Foreigner's Guide to Understanding Americans takes international newcomers on a tour of the real U.S. by answering some of their most common questions in the author's fearless and frank way.

"If this is the land of the free, why are there so many rules? What is American food besides hamburgers and hot dogs? How does the health care system work? How do we judge if an American is just being friendly or truly being a friend?

Readers also get a visual picture of the American people in illustrations, pie charts, and informational graphics and the travel guide's twenty-two chapters is packed with examples, statistics and historical background.

Diane Asitimbay is an award-winning author whose insights have been featured on FOX & Friends, KPBS Public Radio and in various magazines and newspapers.

As a speaker, teacher and intercultural trainer, she has helped countless international newcomers feel at home in the United States.

ISBN: 9780975927632
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