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Emma Darcy

Who Killed Camilla?

Who Killed Camilla?

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Hollywood's hottest property, Camilla Page, has just wrapped up the shoot of her latest movie and she's chosen an exclusive Barrier Reef island resort as the setting for her surprise wedding to Australian cameraman, Jimmy Ryder - a man hell-bent on riding the gravy train that's come his way.

Amongst the invited guests are people Camilla has used as rungs while climbing her personal ladder of success: her long-time agent; the director of her latest film; the ageing leading man; and KC Gordon, a successful romance novelist whose latest bestseller was adapted for the film - already being hyped as a sure-fire winner, bound to become the biggest-grossing romantic comedy ever.

KC eagerly accepts the invitation to what promises to be the most lavish of affairs, attended by starlets, heartthrobs and assorted A-listers.

ISBN: 9780732911843
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