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Patti Miller

Writing Your Life

Writing Your Life

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Everyone can write a life story.

If you have dreamed by childhood creeks, had coffee with a friend, watched the sun rise after a partner has died, or lived through any of life's twists and turns, then you have a life story to write.

Writing Your Life provides techniques for getting started, handling perspective, finding your voice and bringing experiences to life on the page. It also explores issues like selective memory, emotional healing and how to communicate your truths without clichés.

Expanded and revised throughout including three new chapters, Writing Your Life also illustrates the passion and delight of life writing with the addition of a wholly new anthology of stories by people who have already been encouraged by Patti Miller's writing techniques.

This wonderful new edition of Writing Your Life will inspire and guide you through the exciting journey of exploring your own life story.

ISBN: 9781865084343
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