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Fiona Hunter

A Celebration of Motherhood (Hardcover)

A Celebration of Motherhood (Hardcover)

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The ideal gift for every mother of any age, and for children at any stage of their lives, who remember their mothers with love and gratitude.

This title is a beautifully illustrated anthology of verse and prose. This lavishly-illustrated and decorative collection brings together beautiful works of art that have been specially selected to accompany delightful pieces of verse and prose. It is a book that commemorates and reveres the role of mothers in families and in society.

This charming anthology is a celebration and commemoration of motherhood - its joys and anxieties, its excitements and surprises, happiness and sorrow, sweetness, pain, laughter and tears. The book is illustrated with beautiful paintings of mothers in all their glory, pictured with their children; nursing sleeping infants, feeding a lively family, playing with red-cheeked toddlers, reading bedtime stories.

The quotations include poetry, letters, thoughts and prose epiphanies from mothers, grandmothers and children - whether grown offspring remembering their own mothers, or mothers exploring their feelings about childbirth, parenting, and special daughters and sons.

Often, everything that is good in us is passed on to us by our mothers, and our memories of our own mother infuse every act of love, generosity and care through our lives.

ISBN: 9780754826347
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