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Neal Layton

A Climate in Chaos and how you can help

A Climate in Chaos and how you can help

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You've probably heard about climate change. At least I hope you have - because it's REALLY IMPORTANT.

It affects all of us living on Planet Earth right now, and everyone and everything that will live on our planet in the future.

Our world is warming up, and it's a big problem. Award-winning author-illustrator Neal Layton is here to explain what climate change is, what's causing it and why it's dangerous for animals and humans alike.

But he's also FULL of ideas for how you can help! From eating lots more veggies to walking and cycling and thinking carefully about what we need to buy, A Climate in Chaos will get young readers excited about how they can make a difference to keep Planet Earth happy.

Ages 3+

ISBN: 9781526362315
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