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Susannah Carson

A Truth Universally Acknowledged

A Truth Universally Acknowledged

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

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33 Reasons Why We Can't Stop Reading Jane Austen

This book brings together 33 writers, past and present, on just what it is about Jane Austen that continues to delight, amuse, console and provoke us.

Here Jay McInerny confesses to serial crushes on most of Austen's heroines, and celebrates her belief in true love. Amy Hecherling reveals how she transformed "Emma" into the hit romantic comedy "Clueless", and Martin Amis muses on "Pride and Prejudice" as a divine comedy of love - and imagines a twenty-page sex scene between Lizzy and Darcy.

Susanna Clarke shows how happiness depends on a good marriage in Austen's world, while Fay Weldon wonders whether the 'bad' girls in "Mansfield Park" have more fun.

Whether discussing Austen's gift for comedy, why men and women respond to her differently, or why she would be an ideal dinner guest (although she wouldn't want to come), "A Truth Universally Acknowledged" shows that there is much more to Jane than ladies in empire-line dresses admiring the roses - and reminds us why we still love the author who wrote about love better than anyone else in the world.

ISBN: 9781846143359
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