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Augusten Burroughs

A Wolf at the Table

A Wolf at the Table

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Excellent Conditio

From the number one New York Times bestselling author of Running with Scissors comes a blackly comic, frightening and compulsively readable new memoir.

A Wolf at the Table tells the story of Augusten's early childhood when he lived with his crazy father, John Robison Sr, a man only briefly touched upon in Running with Scissors, his spaced-out poet mother, and his delinquent older brother, John Robison Jnr (author of Look Me In The Eye).

Told with brutal honesty and psychologically penetrating insight, it chronicles the young Augusten's increasing paranoia as he navigates a household that is by turns very funny, and very sinister. He wants his big brother to like him and his mother to understand him, but most of all he wants his father's love and acceptance, yet can't be sure he isn't a ticking time bomb...

A Wolf at the Table is Augusten's best book in ten years. Less controversial than Running with Scissors but no less funny and heartrending, it will delight his fans as well as general and childhood memoir readers.

ISBN: 9780330424264
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