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Gary Crew

Angel's Gate (1993)

Angel's Gate (1993)

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The night the first wild child was captured, I was woken from my sleep by the sound of car doors slamming.

I opened my eyes; lights were flashing across the ceiling of my bedroom. I sat up at once, and there, holding aside the lace curtain of my window, was my sister Julia.

'They've caught one,' I whispered. 'Haven't they?'

She took her hand from the curtain and turned away. The lace fell in front of my face, and I drew back, looking after her. She stopped at my door. 'They get all of us sooner or later,' she said. Then she vanished into the darkness of the hall.

But who could live with wild children and not be affected?

And what changes might their dark secrets bring about in the lives of others?

ISBN: 9780855615345
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