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Judith White

Art Lovers

Art Lovers

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

The Story of the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales 1953-2013

The rich, often humorous, history that Judith White chronicles in this book is a testament to the people of Sydney, the previous Gallery directors curators, staff, and Society councils and their vision that what was once a geographically isolated,  somewhat undernourished institution had the potential to be something much more - a vision that turned out to be justified.

Founded in 1871, the Art Gallery of New South Wales has always been a highly important cultural institution in this city, and the Society and our members have helped us forge stronger ties with the community, believing that the Gallery could inspire, console, excite and enrich their lives

The Gallery has grown significantly over the six decades of the Society's existence to become a special place where extraordinary works of art, the passion of experts who believe in the importance of art - both that of the past and that of our own time - and a city's people who appreciate the power of art have come together to create a cultural agora that is a credit to all.

Judith's book traces how the members and volunteers represented by the Society have played a dynamic and highly creative role in the history of the Gallery, This is definitely a story to be told and to be celebrated.

ISBN: 9780646903651
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